Chicken Pops with Cous Cous Salad 

A simple summer dinner, perfect for the sunshine! Easy and quick, and serve with dips/ sauces of your choosing to dip your pops in! 

The ingredients for 2: 

2 chicken breasts 

120g Cous Cous (uncooked)

Tsp stock powder (bouillon)

180 ml hot water

Wooden skewers 

Handful cherry tomatoes, quartered 

Handful frozen peas

4 asparagus spears 


Salt and pepper 

The method: 

1. Lightly season the chicken breasts and cook in frying pan until done (10 minutes) 

2. Meanwhile place the Cous Cous, peas and stock in a bowl and cover with 180ml hot water. Once all absorbed fluff up using a fork and add the tomatoes.

3. Once chicken is cooked, chop into thick slices and skewer each chunk. 

4. Serve with Cous Cous salad and asparagus spears (steam for 3-4 mins) and a grating of Parmesan! 


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