Hamburger Cupcakes

Perfect for Father’s Day, mini cupcakes that look exactly like burgers!

For some, like myself the texture of mincemeat and so therefore a burger can be quite off putting and so i often try to avoid eating these (Also if you follow veganism or vegetarianism then a mincemeat burger is definitely a no no!). However, on a special occasions, i find it hard to not to be able to join in and eat the same as others on a celebratory day. This is where these delightful hamburger cupcakes come in handy!

These cupcakes are actually sweet and made out of cake, which makes them even more interesting as they play a great trick on the eye…they also are great showstoppers for a table display. Although they are not the healthiest of creations, a treat in moderation definitely doesn’t hurt and so they are a fantastic way of celebrating.


  • 6 vanilla cupcakes (sliced in half)
  • Brownie sheet (cut into 6 similar sized circles to the cupcake)
  • Yellow fondant icing ( I dyed my own)
  • Red coloured butter icing
  • Green dyed dessicated coconut
  • Cocktail sticks

The method:

  1. After making your brownie and cupcakes and left to cool, prepare you red buttercream and add some green food dye to the dessicated coconut.
  2. Assembling time! Slice the cupcakes in half and add a circle ring of the brownie to the bottom layer
  3. Then cut out a thin square, slightly larger than the brownie circle of the yellow fondant and cover the brownie with it.
  4. Add the red buttercream on top, making sure you get close to the edges!
  5. Lastly add the dessicated coconut, it helps to sprinkle it on top of the buttercream!
  6. Add the last half of the cupcake and skewer the whole cupcake using a cocktail stick!

To fizz up the recipe why not lightly toast some brioche and cut into thin rectangles to act like chips!


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