Strawberry Doughnut Birthday Extravaganza

What better way to celebrate a birthday then with a show stopper cake… I think the best thing about food and baking is the people that it can bring together. Although everyone often ends up eating lunch by their desk on busy days and quickly shoving a sandwich in their mouths to eat something to keep them going, it definitely is so much nicer to bring in a showstopper like this to bring people together, and see all the smiles in the room.

I brought this cake into work for a colleagues birthday and it was so lovely all to sit down together during our busy days and chat and eat cake! The strawberry doughnuts brought up many nostalgic memories (isn’t it amazing how food can bring up sometimes the smallest of memories which sometimes are forgotten!) like eating them by the seaside or during midnight feasts!

The icing is also flavoured with a hint of lime to combat the sweetness of the cake and doughnuts. I tried (I’m still perfecting this technique!) to pipe the icing to resemble roses, because i’m sure many other foodies like myself and my colleagues would love to be able to actually eat the flowers than the other inedible types!


For me, it was a vanilla sponge with a strawberry and vanilla buttercream with beautiful mini doughnuts!


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